Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Review

I saw this post on a blog and I loved the idea and decided to steal it for myself.

So here is a quick recap of 2011:

I had just graduated and had to figure out how to start spending my free time. It was hard for me at first, but I learned to find things to do. Lance began another semester of school.
My birthday is in February! I turned 22 years old. Lance surprised me with a fancy dinner and flowers at Elements restaurant. We also hosted a Super Bowl party at our apartment. There was a lot of good food and several friends were able to join us. Our Super Bowl party is where we introduced Kasey and Ashli, who just got married a few days ago. We also got our nursery all finished!

We really didn't do much this month. Lance was busy with full time school and working, and I was busy working full time while trying to survive the last few weeks of being pregnant. I was given 2 baby showers during March and it was fun to get new stuff for our little boy.


This is the month our lives changed forever. I was so done being pregnant and the last few weeks were really hard for me. I just really wanted to see and hold my son! Finally, on April 26th, William Scott Hinton was born. I had a pretty smooth labor without complications. We loved him before he was born, but our love grew the instant we saw him and continues growing each day.


Lance finished the semester and we spent most of our time learning how to be parents. It was a huge adjustment and we really had a lot to learn. I ended up with mastitis, then developed an allergic reaction to the medicine that was supposed to help the mastitis. We were both running on very little sleep, but we still found a way to enjoy ourselves.

Lance worked full time for most of the summer so Will and I were home alone most of the time. We ended up spending a lot of the time at the pool. Will loved the water and would do so good while we were there.

This was a pretty busy month. We blessed Will on July  3rd while all of Lance's family was in town for the 4th of July. We had our annual Ping Pong Tournament, raced go-carts, went swimming, and all sorts of other things. Our church also does softball every summer so we made sure we were at every game.

We got some family pictures taken and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Will and I also went to Hogle Zoo with my mom and my sisters. Another semester of classes started for Lance and he transferred departments at Wal-Mart. He now works in the deli.

Will had his first major blow-out during church. And of course it happens on the one time we didn't have extra clothes. He came home wearing only his diaper. Lance and I hiked the Crimson Trail and while it was hard, it was beautiful and very enjoyable.

Will and I rode down with my mom to Cedar City to visit some family. While there we got a 4-Generation picture with Will and his Grandparents on my side. We went bowling with Kasey and Ashli, went on the famous pumpkin walk in Logan, carved pumpkins, baked, and dressed Will up for Halloween. I even took him trick-or-treating down Main Street.

Lance's birthday is at the end of November and he turned 24 years old. I surprised him with breakfast in bed and a few presents. Will saw snow for the first time and we enjoyed our Thanksgiving with Lance's family. I also started a few more sewing projects and had fun altering a few shirts and pants.
We went to spend some time in Boise, ID with my brother and my mom, and watch Utah State play their bowl game. We had an amazing Christmas with Lance's family. Everyone came into town and spent several days. We got spoiled with presents and had fun spending time with everyone. Then to top the month off, we got to go to Ashli and Kasey's wedding. It was our first time back in the Salt Lake Temple since we were married so it was really nice to go back inside.

So many changes occurred during 2011, and yet so many things feel just like they were. I know that most of my pictures center and Will and family, but that is exactly how I want my life to be, always centered around my family. I'm excited to see what 2012 will bring. Hope everyone had a great New Year's!

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