Friday, March 11, 2011


Lance has had the entire week off for school because it is Spring Break! YES! Now if only the weather could be more spring-like. It was better than it has been, and I even wore flip-flops a few times, but I would appreciate it if it would warm up a bit more...and FAST! We have been spending our days sleeping in, making good food, and working. Lance picked up some extra hours at work. We could use the money, but I felt bad having him work more during his break. Since we didn't go anywhere, we decided we could splurge just a little Costa Vida.....going bowling.....Coldstone...and I bought some good steaks for us to cook. YUMMY!!

We had a lot of fun bowling. The first game.....Bobbi: 129, Lance 103 and the second game Bobbbi: 127, Lance 133. So it was pretty even for the most part. I went bowling so much last fall because of my bowling class, and my average was about 145 each game, so I wasn't feeling like I was doing so hot....but at least I could try convincing myself that the whole belly thing may have thrown my game off. Maybe.

Lance wanted a pic of the ball next to my belly.
Definitely not the most flattering picture.

We also had Class #3 at the hospital. We reviewed a little about the stages of labor and discussed the "pushing" phase. We also discussed C-sections and a few other small topics. The majority of the class was spent on pushing and we also got a mini-tour of the hospital. Because of the flu season, they wouldn't allow us upstairs to check out a room or the nursery, but they made sure to show the dads where the cafeteria is and a few other key points. Our last class is next week. Lance currently has to work, but we are trying to work it out so that he can come.

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