Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Pancakes

On Tuesday it was free pancake day at Ihop. So of course Lance and I had to take advantage. You could go in and get a free small stack, and all they asked was that you make a donation to Primary Children's hospital. The pancakes were delicious, because honestly, free food is always delicious. It was nice to feel like we were eating out but not having to fork over some money.

Also, we went to our second class at the hospital last night. We spent the entire class going over the stages of labor and what to expect, as well as different breathing techniques. We started the class with a video (made in the 70's or 80's) of an actual birth. I actually got to watch one of my nephews being born, so I had already seen it all. It was Lance's first time seeing a birth though. He didn't seem to be affected much by it at all, which I am glad. The hardest part for him will be the epidural. He says he will not be watching that. I really like the classes because they provide very basic, but useful information. There are a lot of little things I am learning that I never really would have thought of. For example, when most people think of going into labor, I think they usually only think about the intense pain and pushing for a long amount of time. But there is a lot of time before where you are just sitting around and waiting until you are ready to deliver. They mentioned that a lot of people bring ipods to listen to, or movies to watch, of even some cards to play during that waiting period to make the time go by quicker. I will definitely have some of these things packed in my bag.

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