Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

I have so many good memories, I definitely couldn't just choose one. So I decided to upload a collection of pictures that remind me of good times throughout my life. I had to scan most of these pictures in, so they may not be the best quality.
Though I don't necessarily remember this, eating chocolate cake batter has to be one of my favorite memories. Been addicted to it since I was young.
Maybe I was happy to be dressed up...I'm not sure.
Going the the lake is definitely in my top 5 things of favorite things to do. And the water-weenie is such a fun part of that tradition. And check out that tan!!!
 One of my favorite family vacations was when we went to Hawaii. We went to three different islands. We got to ride in this small 22 passenger plane. It was awesome.
 Another picture of my sister and I at the beach in Hawaii. I am determined that one day Lance and I will make it back there.
I believe this was right outside of one of our hotel rooms in Hawaii. My sister and I were definitely spoiled being the two youngest and having all the others grown up. We got to go on several really cool vacations in which they were left behind.
Soccer played such a major role in my life growing up.
This is a picture of my competitive team during the first few years. Our coach at this point was Jeff Robinson, but he was later replaced by Dennis Burrows. This picture was taken after we won 1st place at a tournament.
I believe this picture was taken while at a soccer tournament in Colorado. We were so lucky to be able to travel as a team and experience new things and new places. We also played in tournaments in Las Vegas, California, Texas, Georgia, and a few other random places. Some of my very best friends were made while playing for Sparta.

This is a picture of one of my best friends from middle school. On our 4th year hike, we got to hike King's Peak, which is the tallest mountain in Utah. This picture was taken as we were hiking up to the peak. Whitney and I hiked most of this mountain alone. As we got close to the top of the peak, a storm was starting to come in. I looked over at Whitney to find her with her hair sticking out in every direction. The lightening was so close, we could feel the electricity. We hurried and found shelter under a rock overhanging and waited the storm out. It ended up lightening, raining, and eventually snowing.

That's a picture of me resting on the mountain side of King's Peak. Awesome hat, right? This hike is one of my absolutely best memories. It was such a good experience and I learned a lot about myself, plus it was a blast.
This is a picture of me, Cindy, my niece Danielle, and my cousin Bridget. We got to go visit her while she was living in Florida. We had such a good time!
This is a picture of me and my step-sister Ashle' during our cruise to Mexico.
This is a picture from the Sweethearts dance during high school. High school was so fun for me and I made so many good friends.
 College definitely contained some memorable times. I could post thousands pictures of college alone, but decided to spare you all. This picture was taken during Spring Break. Me, Brittany, Derek, and Ashle' drove to Nashville, TN. Derrick and I took turns doing 4 hour shifts driving, and we drove 26 hours straight, only stopping for gas, pictures, and bathroom breaks.
This is at a really fun park in Nashville.
 And of course my recent favorite memories are of Lance and I. This picture was taken just a few days after we were engaged.
Have to include our wedding day in this! One of the best days ever.

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  1. Swan! Love the good old Sparta days! Miss ya girl! Looks like you are doing well and all is good! :)