Thursday, October 20, 2011

The First Dam Party

The weather has been so pleasant lately, I decided we needed to enjoy it as much as we could before the never-ending winter sets in. So we decided to have a little outing to First Dam at the mouth of Logan Canyon.
Apparently we weren't the only ones with the same thoughts because there was a surprising number of people there.

I was excited to take some cute pictures, but of course, my camera died before I could even snap one. Guess my phone camera will have to do. Yes, all of these pictures are from my phone.
We laid...lay...??(I never could understand how to use this) on our blanket in the grass, went on the pier, and checked out the ducks.
There was this awesome duck that seriously had an afro on the top of his head. Best part is that this duck was solid black. Never seen a duck with an afro before. Pretty funny looking. I tried getting a picture, but my phone just couldn't capture it. The lighting was too bright and wouldn't allow me a decent picture.
Then Will and I read some books and played with toys while Lance studied for the math placement exam.

While we were relaxing we saw some kids with what I think is a brilliant idea. They had purchased some cheap, plastic fishing poles and had attached a balloon to the end of the line. It was a balloon kite! The kids could reel their balloons in and let them back out as much as they wanted. Plus it doesn't require any wind because the balloons will fly no matter what.
Seriously genius idea and one I will be doing someday.

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