Friday, October 28, 2011

For this is Halloween!

Witches soaring through the sky
On their broomsticks way up high.
Black cats howl as they go by,
For this is Halloween!
Halloween has always been kind of a hit and miss holiday for me. I loved it when I was little and went trick-or-treating until my mom said I was too old. I always had decent ideas for costumes, but never had the money to make it happen. Same story this year. I had some cute and fun ideas for Lance, Will and I, and I was excited to have us all dress up. But then I had trouble justifying spending any money on costumes since Lance works on Halloween.

We were going to dress up and go bowling on Lance's day off, but we decided to change our plans because we'd gone bowling a few weeks before. We decided to carve pumpkins instead! So we went to Smith's to pick out some pumpkins.
Lance got a pretty big one (19 pounds), I got a medium one, and Will had a little one. Plus we also got an extra one to use to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
While I prepped the one to be cooked, Lance gutted the others. Because we got started later than we had planned, we didn't have a lot of time to carve. Daylight faded and the temperature dropped quickly. That combined with my lack of brain for ideas resulted in pretty standard pumpkins.
Lance got a little more creative than me and put a little Frankenstein touch to his.
Will did a great job carving his, don't you think?
Ok, maybe he was more interested in eating the leaves.
When we were done carving, we lit our candles and put them on display on our front porch.
By the time we finished this, it was time for Will to go to sleep. Poor kid didn't get to stay up for the cookies. I would feel bad if he could actually eat them. Next year Will.
Next I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The recipe called for canned pumpkin, but we decided to try using fresh. Let me tell you, those are some dang good cookies. I think Lance and I have eaten most of them already. Good thing we still have lots of pumpkin left so we can make another batch or two.
If you like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies then this recipe is a must. It is simple, easy, and most importantly, delicious! Click here for the recipe!

I expected them to go flat so I was pleasantly surprised when they actually puffed up!

Finished the night with cookies and milk.
 Sidenote: I have not forgotten that Will turned 6 months old this past week. I have written most of his 6 month post but I am waiting to post it until have his doctor's appointment on Tuesday. So stay tuned for that one.

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