Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Gutter

Lance and I went on a double date last night. We hadn't been on a date in a while, so it was really nice to get out, especially with friends. We went with our friends Kasey and Ashli. Lance actually set them up, and they are getting married in December! Yay!
We took Will with us, but Kasey and Ashli wanted him most of the time so it almost felt like we didn't bring him. Oh the joys of good friends that love babies.
We went to "The Gutter" which is the bowling alley at the fun park. Conveniently enough, it is discounted Tuesdays, plus we had coupons. Double whammy!
Had fun editing this one. Think it looks kind of cool.
We each picked our partner's name: Ashli was "Big Red". Kasey was "Frog". Lance was "Sir Lancealot". And I was "The Bobbinator". Kasey got the high score both games. I didn't do so hot. I am used to using a 8 lb ball and the smallest they had was a 10 lb. I blame the ball so I can feel good about myself, but I'll admit that the ball wasn't the only problem. I forgot to wear my lucky bowling shorts! So if I would've had my lucky shorts and ball, then I would've dominated...right? You know it.
Ignore my terrible hair

Will had this strange fascination with the floor, especially when we had him stand on the ground. He would bend down as far as possible and just stare at the floor. It looked uncomfortable to me, but it made him happy.
While he was obsessed with the floor we decided to put some shoes on him. Maybe a bit big...
The games took a bit longer than planned and we were there past Will's bedtime. He was a bit fussy for a while and I could tell he was hungry and ready for bed.  He kept just laying his head down on my shoulder and being very cuddly. But every time Ashli would try to get a picture of it, he would start to cry.
Not happy...but such a cute grumpy face.
Finally he just passed out on my shoulder. I wanted to let him sleep, so I ended up bowling a time or two holding him. Sad thing is that I almost did better that way.
He must have been uber tired because he didn't wake up as we passed him back and forth, or even when we buckled him into his car seat.

Fun company.....good date :)

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