Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss Utah 2012

All the girls in my family got together for the weekend to hang out and go to the Miss Utah Pageant. Kim, Joshlyn, and Colton drove up from Cedar City while my mom, Cindy, and her boys drove down from Boise. We all met at my brother's house in Bountiful. He was out of town, so we were also there to help with some of his kids.

While everyone else got there Friday night, I didn't leave until early Saturday morning. We spent the majority of the day just hanging out at Jim's house.
After lunch, we all decided to go play at a park. It was a much needed break and all the boys were happy to get outside. The weather was beautiful, even on the hot side. I took a lot of pictures at the park, so bear with me.

We went home and got ready to go to the pageant. It was Joshlyn's birthday party on Sunday so we had birthday cake for her and gave her some presents. One of her gifts was a ticket to the pageant. She had no idea that she was going too.
One of Cindy's best friends growing up was in the pageant and our reason for going. This was her fourth year competing and we were all just dying to see her finally win. Last year she got runner-up and it was heart breaking.

We got there a little early, so we chilled outside for a little bit and took some more pictures.
The competition was so fun to watch. Kendyl looked absolutely stunning throughout the entire thing.
When they announced the top 10, they kept saying everyone BUT Miss Draper (Kendyl). Her name was finally called for the last spot. I think my heart seriously stopped for a minute, but extreme relief when her name was called.

During the intermission, we were able to find Kendyl's mom and say hi. She was also handing out some purple glow necklaces to Kendyl's fans so that when Kendyl looked in the audience, she could see all the people there for her. We were lucky to be able to get some too.
She looked amazing in her swim suit and evening gown and she made it to the top 5! Go Kendyl!
Then the final five answered a few interview questions. They said that these questions would not be judged, but were so the audience could get to know the girls better.

The end results were very nerve racking. For the first time all night, we wanted to hear anyone EXCEPT Miss Draper be called. While I was so nervous for her, I was also confident that she would come out victorious. And...

Then there were four. And...

Then there were three. And...

Then there were two!

And finally....the big moment of truth....
Congratulations, Kendyl!

Miss Utah 2012!

She looked SO surprised and got really emotional over winning. You could tell by her reaction how much she wanted it. I was ecstatic for her and can not wait to see her compete in Miss USA 2012.

Cindy was able to get a quick minute to tell her congratulations!

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