Monday, October 17, 2011

Road Trip

My mom and I have been wanting to go down to Cedar for quite a while, seeing as neither of us has been down to visit in over a year. We decided to go down last weekend, but due to our crazy work schedules, we weren't able to stay for very long.

We didn't leave Logan until about 10pm on Thursday night. The good thing about driving that late was Will was likely to sleep for most of the way. And he did. He slept clear until Parowan, which is about 20 minutes from my sister's house where we stayed. We got there around 3 am. I fed Will a small bottle, wrapped him up, and we went to sleep. Then he was up at 6am with no chance of going back to sleep right then. Most of the household was awake, getting ready for school.
Joshlyn and Will at 6am
Colton and Will later in the morning
We spent most of the day just hanging out at Kim's house. My mom brought Zac from Boise to play with Colton. That morning, they both tried on their Halloween costumes to show everyone. Once Zac took his off, my mom decided that she wanted to try it on Will. I thought the idea was silly because Zac is three and there was NO WAY his costume would even come close to fitting Will. But suprisingly, it fit remarkable well! The legs were super long, but the torso and mask fit really well.When Zac saw Will in it, he put his head down and just walked away very sad. But Will looked adorable. I put the picture for my phone screen saver and I can't stop looking at it.
Will in Zac's Halloween costume.

That afternoon, I went and hung out with two of my favorite people from high school. We had some frozen yogurt then went and chilled at the park. It was good to catch up and see Julie's adorable little girl. Thanks for making time to see me!
Julie's little KenLea. Such a cutie!

Julie and Kristin!

KenLea is crawling already and she is only a month older than Will!
After hanging out with my friends, I went up to see my grandparents. I lived with them for two years so it is always good to go back and visit them. Plus they hadn't met Will yet! So my mom and I spent a few minutes there and we were able to get a four-generation picture with my mom's side.
Me, Grandma Banks, my mom, and Will
Will meets Grandma and Grandpa Banks
Then we went back to Kim's house to eat home-made Costa Vida. So yummy, and not as hard as I thought it would be to make. I'll definitely be making that sometime in the next few weeks.
Chillin' with cousin's
During one of the days, I could tell Will was extremely tired but he was fighting a nap. I finally decided just to lay him down on the floor and let him scream for a while in an attempt to tire him out. As he lay on the ground screaming, suddenly Danielle's dog ran up to him and tried to snuggle with him. The dog would cuddle up on his side, trying to comfort him. It was the funniest thing. Then when Will stopped crying, the dog would run away. But the second Will started screaming again, the dog would be right there, trying to comfort him.

The puppy kept snuggling up to him.
Will had another rough night on Friday but we managed to survive it. On Saturday, we all decided to go swimming and the new aquatic center. I suppose its not exactly "new", but it's new since I've been there. Will fell asleep on the way there, so I had to wake him up to get in the water. I thought he would be grumpy from being woken up, but Will loves the water and was splashing and happy the whole time. We weren't able to stay long since my mom and I had to be on the road.
Passed out in the car on the way to the pool
Aunt Joshlyn
We left Cedar by 3pm on Saturday and headed home. The trip home was not as successful as the way down, but it wasn't terrible. Will slept for the first 2 hours, then he woke up and screamed until we stopped. We stopped in Springville to feed Will, get gas, and take a quick break.
Happy after being fed, changed, and let out of the car seat for a few minutes.
It calmed Will right down and he was ready for another bit in the car. He fell asleep eventually until we stopped in Bountiful for dinner. We should've just grabbed some food and left, but we parked the car to hurry and eat and it woke him up. He pretty much screamed for the next hour or so. Wasn't fun, but we made it home in one piece. And he was so happy when we got home. I think it was a combination of being out of his car seat, and being in a familiar place.
Will was so tired by the end of the trip.
The 2 days we were down in Cedar City, Will only had about one nap. He usually takes around three per day, so that was a big deal. I could tell he was always tired and needed to sleep, but he was constantly being woke up by screaming kids, barking dogs, or something. The night we got home, Will slept over 9 hours straight. Of course, I had to work all night, so I didn't get to enjoy that miraculous event.

While it was a super short trip, we still had a good time. It's always good to see family, even if its not for long. And next weekend, me and my sisters are meeting in Bountiful to spend some more time together.


  1. It looks like a lot of fun! We were so close to you too, we went up to St. George this weekend. I really can't believe how big Will is getting and I think you need to get him the spiderman costume for halloween, it looks like it fits him pretty well, and he is super adorable in it:D

  2. Love the pictures. Can't wait for this weekend!!!

  3. Remember how stinking cute your son is?