Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Will is definitely a Hinton:
Check out the sleeves. None of his long sleeve shirts/jackets fit. All of the sleeves are too short. It definitely runs in the family, as Lance has the exact same problem. It's very hard to find shirts that fit properly.

Also, while we were at church someone was looking at Will and mentioned how well he was filling his car seat. So I decided to do a comparison picture to see exactly how much he really has grown.
It is hard to tell from these pictures, but he has grown a ton and is indeed filling up his car seat.
Will can sit up by himself for very short periods of time. He's still got to figure out the whole balance thing, but he is definitely improving. He does really well when he's just sitting on my lap.

He loves to smile and can't help but make everyone around him smile also.


  1. Ya he is so going to outgrow that carseat before you know it lol

  2. Ha! Yup that's definitely a Hinton thing....Ryan's got those monkey arms, too. Your little guy is just such a little stud. Cutest cheeks ever!!