Tuesday, January 21, 2014

11 Months

Another month has passed and this little beauty has continued to grow. She is always on the go and is so full  of personality. 

One of Blake's favorite things she has learned to do is wave. Whenever someone says hi or bye, she will happily wave. 
Sometimes while she is waving, she gets distracted by her own hand and becomes strangely fascinated with it.
I still feed her jars of baby food and rice cereal, but she is eating more normal foods and probably prefers them. Like Will, she is a big fan of chicken nuggets and vegetables.

She also really likes pretzels and crackers.
When I put headbands on her, she instantly grabs them and tries to rip them off. The only way I can get her to wear them is to distract her while I'm putting it on. Even then, it is usually pulled off within a few minutes.

She refuses to learn how to walk though I am convinced she could if she wanted. She walks along the furniture and can stand and balance. She will even take steps when you are holding her hands. But the second you let go, she tenses up and wants to sit down.
Blake also still refuses to come down the stairs. I have taught her how, and she has even done it a few times so I know that she is capable. However she simply refuses to do it most of the time. She sits at the top of the stairs and screams until I go get her. I often just stand at the bottom of the stairs and try to make her come to me. But then she just kicks her feet and gets even more upset when I don't get her.

The times she has come down, she scoots down one step, then turns around and sits. When she sees she isn't to the bottom yet, she'll turn around and go down one more step before she turns around again.
She has learned what it means to be told no. And she does not like it. When you tell her no, she instantly stops what she is doing for a moment. Then she tries doing it again. If you tell her no more firmly, then her lip starts to quiver and she gets her little feelings hurt.

She likes when people play with her and she loves to laugh.

Her hair is getting long enough that I can start trying some new things with it.
Since there aren't many any girl toys at our house, Blake has taken a fancy to cars, trains, etc. Basically she likes to play with any toy that Will doesn't want her to play with. This was a rare moment when Will was playing in a different room, and Blake was able to play with some of his toys without being mauled.

Unfortunately that didn't last long. Will was in the shortly, "playing with Blake". He uses his cars to run her over, drive on her, crash into her, etc.

Notice her desperately trying to get away.

She still only has her two bottom teeth, but I did barely notice one of top teeth is starting to poke through her gums.
Blake loves putting things in her mouth. She doesn't try to eat them or swallow them, she just likes something in her mouth. I try to keep small choking hazards away, but she always seems to find something.

Looks like she found a better place for her headbands.

She has this strange obsession with diapers and loves to play with them. It can be difficult to change her diaper because she tries to grab it and play with it. Sometimes I'll just grab an extra for her to play with while I am changing her.

She enjoys music and likes to stand up to the piano and hit the keys whenever I try to play.

Blake has to be within 2 feet of me 90% of the time. It's driving me crazy. Friends at church as if they can hold her, but if I am sitting there close by she doesn't want to be held by anyone but me.

Even though it is cold, we still try to go outside as much as possible. She loves sitting in the stroller either going on walks or just watching Will play outside.
Blake still takes two naps each day. Some days if she wakes up early, she might take a third short one. She tends to sleep shoved into some corner with her face smothered in the blankets. 

Blake sure is changing fast. It's weird to look back on pictures of just a few months ago and see how much she has grown. She definitely has her hard moments, but we love having her around.

Still crazy for me to think that she will be one next month. 

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