Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Decorations

***Little behind on my posts - going to try to catch up over the next few days.***

Thanksgiving was great. And like most people, once it is over, it's immediately "Christmas Season". Yay! I know many have traditions of decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but we weren't in a big rush this year, plus we weren't home most of the day after and Lance worked late (which is probably the real reason). Once we found an evening that Lance had off and we weren't super busy, we pulled out all of our decorations.
I love decorating for Christmas. There is just something about having a tree full of lights and decorations scattered throughout the house that just makes everything feel so much more...homey.

Will enjoys helping us put up the tree and hanging ornaments. 
Yes, we are fake tree people. I find them so much more convenient and cheaper. Maybe one day we'll try a real tree once, but for now, we are happy with our little tree.
 Don't mind Will not wearing any pants. It seems these days he is pant-less more often than not. (At least he stays dressed whenever we aren't at home.)

We bought him some snow boots and this quickly became Will's outfit of choice.

I swear I dress my kids.
 Blake knew what time of year it was. When she was in the bubble bath, she tried doing an impersonation of Santa Claus. 

I made stockings for Lance and I several years back. But since we now have two additions to our family, I decided it was time to make updated ones. These look WAY better in person. All of the names are in gold string across the top and the patterns stand out a lot more. The two one the ends are checkered-ish, while the middle two have polka dots.
 Another of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is curling up under a blanket and watching a good Christmas movie.
 As this is Blake's first Christmas, she was very dazzled by the lights and succeeded pulling the bottom layer off of the tree several times.

We love decorating for Christmas, even though the kids may not look like they are enjoying it.

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