Saturday, January 25, 2014

Park Addicts

It has been so cold lately that the kids and I have rarely left the house. But the cold weather combined with only one car has made me go a little insane. No strolling the mall or taking the kids to McDonald's to play on the playground. As soon as the weather seemed even mildly acceptable to be out in, we were out.

We have been to the park several times this week and we love it. It gets us out of the house and allows the kids to play and have some fun. It's amazing how much a little thing like getting outside for some fresh air and sun can affect moods and make everything seem so much better. I can't wait for some warmer weather when we can be outside most of the day, every day.
Blake has always loved being outside, but it seems like her love has grown 100 times during this past week. The first day, she mostly wanted to be held and didn't really do much. By the end of the week, she kicked and screamed when I picked her up because she just wanted to be left alone to play.

She started going down the slide normal, but now she prefers to go down head first. And it doesn't stop there. When she gets to the end, she keeps crawling until she front flips off of the slide into the tire pieces. And she does that again and again and again.

She also really likes putting those tire pieces into her mouth. I'm not sure if she has swallowed any yet, but it seems I am constantly fishing them out of her mouth. 
Our last trip to the park was a bit rough for Will. After getting hurt several times, we decided to go home and watch a movie. When I put Blake in the stroller, she threw a fit. She was having a ball playing and was not ready to leave.

As the weather warms up, I'm sure we will be spending much more time at the park because WE LOVE PARKS!

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