Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Pictures

Deseret Industries had a Christmas party for it's employees and their families the early part of December. I'm the nerdy wife that likes to have her family wear matching clothes when we go to church, parties, etc. Christmas parties are ultimate chance to dress up in coordinating, festive outfits.

Will and Blake looked so adorable that I decided it was the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures. And the pictures even turned out well enough that I was able to make a Christmas card for all the grandparents. 

Here are a few many that I took:

So lucky to have such adorable kids.

I was in a different room and I hear Will playing the piano. It was picture perfect.

Lance's work party was lots of fun, filled with super good food, white elephant gifts, and a giant electric train. What more could you want? I have NEVER seen Will so enthralled with anything. He would not take his eyes off of that train, and got even more excited when they let him play with the train cars. 

She wasn't very fond of his arm around her shoulder.
We were there at least 2 hours or more, and Will never stopped playing with that train. When it was time to leave, Will was devastated to leave the train behind. The entire way home, he cried and cried, "Mom...go to Christmas party!", "Go back to Christmas party." For the next several days, he begged and begged to go to a Christmas party. 

Merry Christmas!

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