Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Visitor

We had our first real "visitor" this weekend and actually had a use for our spare bed. I am constantly thinking that I want to take it down and maybe use that room for a toy room or something, but it's times like this that I'm really glad we have it up. 

Lance's sister, Meslissa, came to town on Thursday for a friend's wedding. The first two days she was here, she was pretty busy with wedding stuff, so today we decided that we needed to go and do something fun before she flew back home to Arizona
We decided to go to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. From their website, the " Treehouse Museum serves children and families by providing interactive, hands-on exhibits and programs focusing on family literacy, children's literature, the arts, and the humanities. Treehouse seeks to be the magical place where children 'Step into a Story'." 

Basically they have a lot of different little areas that have activities and things for the kids to do. They had lego's, craft stations, music stations, tons of dress-up clothes, books, computer games, blocks, etc. It's one of the few places where the adult admission is more expensive than the kids, and adults must be accompanied by a child.
It also happens to be directly across from the new temple they are building. 
While we were waiting in line to pay, Will saw this huge train. He was basically jumping up and down with excitement and wasn't too happy about having to wait until after we paid. It is apparently new and still in the process of being finished.
Right by the big train were several small train tables with tracks and magnetic trains. We have a very similar set-up at home. He really wanted to play with those, but we wanted to go look and see what other things they had.
All Aboard!
He was a good sport and tried playing with other things. But after every activity, he asked if we could go back to the trains. We kept telling him in a few more minutes.
He didn't like the horse as much as I thought he would. Not sure if it was because he legitimately didn't like it or if he was just too distracted by the trains.
Blake also got to ride the horse, though she didn't quite know what to think of it.

These were supposed to be used to make an arch, but Will was mostly interested in just stacking them.
When it got a little out of his reach, he improvised.

Finally after we had a good look at what they had, we let him go to the trains and he was happy to spend the rest of the time there. Figures - put him in a place with hundreds of new toys and exciting things and he wants to play with the one thing we have at home.

Blake enjoyed the trains as well. At home, Will doesn't let her touch his trains, so I think she took advantage while she could.

I think Blake had as much fun as Will, though she often got in the way.

Her favorite thing to do was to sit on top of whatever he wanted to play with. When I tried taking her out and having her stand next to it, she just tried to climb back in.

Will absolutely LOVED having Melissa around. He somehow even tricked her into letting him sleep with her both nights. She said she enjoyed the cuddles, but I know from experience how much of a bed hog he can be.

We have always offered our place as a place to stay if someone ever needed so it was really nice to have someone take us up on that offer. We enjoyed having you here, Melissa, and thank you for spoiling us with fun and delicious pie. 

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