Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun in Boise

My oldest brother Tony lives up in Boise. He and his wife Cindy work quite a bit so they aren't able to make it Salt Lake very often. It had been over a year since we had seen them, so Lance and I decided to plan a trip. 

We left Thursday right after lunch and came home really late Saturday night. We would have stayed through Sunday, but with my new calling in the primary presidency, I didn't feel I could miss church. 

We also invited Aspen along with us. We warned her that it would be pretty crowded in the back seat, but she was happy to come along. Shortly into our trip, the backseat was pretty quiet and snuggly. Not only was she great company, but she helped a lot keeping Blake happy and giving her what she needed. Thanks for coming along, Aspen.
There happened to be a winter storm warning that day and I was debating if we should even go or not. Driving 20 mph in a blizzard the whole way did not sound like fun. Roads were a little rough for the first little bit, but once we got into Idaho, it was blue skies and clear roads, and we made really good time. 

The kids did really well and we didn't have any problems until we were about 20-30 min away from Tony's. But by then we were all getting a bit cranky. Cindy called and warned us that she was still at work, but told us just to go in. She was so paranoid that she didn't have time to clean before we got there, but it seriously looked pretty darn clean to me. 

The next day (Friday), the boys were in school and both Tony and Cindy had to work all day. Lance decided to ride along with Tony while I went to the office with Cindy. They have tons of toys, computers, games, basically everything you could need at the office. Will was happy to chill there and play. Aspen had some homework to catch up on, so she spent most of the day doing that. She seriously spend most of the trip working on her classes. I was very impressed and proud of her dedication and hard work. 

That night they took us out to eat at Carl's Jr. Their playground was huge and Will was so excited he could barely sit still long enough to take a bite of food. 

For whatever reason, Blake had two very rough nights while we were there. She was up several times during the night, then up for the day by 5am. Lance and I were pretty wiped out. Yay for naps.

They took the day off on Saturday and we just hung out at their house. They kept asking us what we wanted to do, but we were happy to just relax and talk with them. Tyler and Hunter were so nice to Will and he was in heaven playing with all of their toys, but especially their train set. He played with that from sun up until sundown.  
He also had a lot of fun with Tony's dog, Nike. He loved throwing the ball and having Nike bring it back to him. He thought it was hilarious and would just laugh and laugh.

We really enjoyed being there and wished we could have stayed longer.  
 Love you guys!

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