Monday, January 6, 2014

A Woolsey Christmas Party

The annual Woolsey Family Christmas Party took place the weekend before Christmas. Our family met at Campos Tex Mex, a Mexican restaurant in Sandy. That place was not meant for large groups, so it was a bit crowded, but we made it work. The food was a bit eh, and many of us struggled with the spiciness, but as always it was great to see everyone and spend some time with my family.

Grandma and Grandpa had lots of presents for the kids and they were in heaven. One of the gifts they got Will was this four-wheeler. Will absolutely loves it.
We were also each given a little family history book with some of my grandparents journals, pictures, etc. I am excited to look through it and learn a little more about that side of my family.

After dinner, a few of us wanted to go see the lights at temple square. But it was already a little bit late and we weren't sure if we could make it down there before the lights turned off. So we decided to go ride Trax and let all of the boys go on a train ride.

We hopped on Trax and before you knew it, we were in Downtown SLC. The kids were a bit wild on the train and I felt bad for the other passengers around us, but they had such a great time.

Will was pretty content to just sit by Grandpa and watch all of the lights pass out the window. He loved "going so fast!"

It was way past the kids' bedtime, and we had debated whether or not we should even go. But Lance has managed to live in Utah for years, yet he has never seen the lights at temple square. That was simply not acceptable. Even though it was so late, the kids did pretty good. Will was still a ball full of energy, but Blake was exhausted. She fell asleep at some point and spend the rest of the night sleeping in Lance's arms. 

We had about 20-30 minutes before the lights turned off, so we got off the train and headed towards the temple. On the corner, there was a hot chocolate booth and grandma treated every to some much appreciated hot cocoa. It was freezing outside and many of us weren't quite dressed properly.
We walked around Temple Square for a bit before the kids started complaining of being too cold. Then we headed back to Trax and enjoyed another train ride back to the cars.
This is the group that decided to go to the temple. Unfortunately the guy who took the picture for us cut off my dad, who is standing next to Lance. 

The temple is so pretty at night time.

Will was getting cold and tired and wanted to be held the rest of the way. Let me tell you, this kid weighs quite a bit.

Will has an obsession with trains so he was beyond thrilled to go on a train ride. For days/weeks after, he would ask if we could go in the car to ride the train. 
It's always so great to spend time with family, I just wish we could get together more often. Tony, we all missed you, but we understand that is a long way to drive for a party.

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