Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas 2013

We did things a little differently for Christmas this year. We are typically up at the Hinton's in Logan for Christmas Eve, Christmas plus a few other days before or after. But this year we decided to stay home and celebrate in our new home. The main reason we did this was because most of Will's gifts were just too big to take anywhere. We would've had to leave most of our presents back at home, so we chose to head up to Logan Christmas day as soon as we were finished opening our gifts.
Wearing my new skirt that Cindy gave me.
Once Lance got off work on Christmas Eve, we invited some really good friends of ours over to hang out and have dinner. Tom and Savannah moved from Logan about the same time as we did and live just a few miles away from us now. Where their family lives in Arizona, we were happy to invite them over so neither of us would be alone on Christmas Eve.

We didn't do a "traditional" Christmas Eve dinner; instead, I decided I wanted to try something new. I made a chicken cordon bleu lasagna. It was a fun twist on normal lasagna and it actually tastes really good. Click here for the recipe. We had a salad, garlic bread, and some tamales that Tom and Savannah brought. I thought it was tasty.

The meal took longer than expected, and we didn't eat until after 7 pm. Once dinner was done, we read "The Christmas Train" by Thomas S. Monson then slowly got the kids down for bed. Tom and Savannah hung out until around 10 pm, then we went to sleep.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rough night for Will. Around 2 am, he came into our room telling us about his fire truck and four wheeler which he had apparently saw on his way to our room. We had a hard time getting him back to sleep, and he ended up spending most of the night in between Lance and I. That kid is a major bed hog. I don't think either one of us got much sleep.

When 6:30ish came around and we were just laying there in bed awake, we figured there wasn't much point waiting any longer and if we were already up, then we should get to opening presents so we could be on our way to Logan.
Will got a car bed, a huge fire truck engine, a million other toy cars, and a few other random things.

 Blake got some clothes, shoes, a few books, etc. I got us some memory foam pillows and a nice memory foam mattress topper. Lance got some tools and things he wanted for the garden, and he got me a Kitchen-aid mixer! I have been wanting one forever and I am SO happy to finally have one. It's awesome.

After we finished opening presents, we enjoyed some butterscotch rolls before we started packing for Logan. We got up to Logan by about 10 am and were greeted with warm welcomes. There, we had even more gifts to open.

We were able to stay in Logan until Friday afternoon. We watched movies, did puzzles, went shopping, but mostly just hung out and spent time together. Since we moved away, it's always so great to go to Logan and see everyone. Will doesn't go a day without at least mentioning Grandma and Grandpa so its fun when we can actually take him up there to see them.

It was nice to have some time with our own little family and start some of our own traditions, but it was nice to go to Grandma and Grandpas house afterwards to be with more family. We had a great holiday, and hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did.

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